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Cross-posting is a great way to increase your work's exposure but it can be time-consuming. Let Crossable automate it for you so you can focus on the content.

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What Is Crossable?

Automatic Cross-posting

A common approach to cross-posting is waiting a few days before posting to other platforms. But, this comes with its issues like having to remember to do it as well as schedule time to do it!

So, instead of adding it to your never-ending list of tasks on your to-do list, let us handle it for you with our automatic cross-posting.

You tell us how many days you'd like to wait before cross-posting and then we'll handle it from there! You just sit back and relax (or, get started on your next piece of content).

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Other Features

Everything Crossable can do for you!

Staggered Cross-posting

Why not keep the party around your post going a bit longer and stagger the cross-posting of your post across a series of days?

With Crossable's staggered cross-posting, you can choose how long you want to wait before publishing to a certain platform per blog post. Let's keep that party going!

Multiple Destinations Support

If you want to get maximum exposure for your blog post then you'll want to share it to multiple platforms to get as many eye balls on it as possible.

This isn't an issue when using Crossable, you select the platforms you want to share to per blog post and then we handle the rest. You can select as many or as few platforms per post as you want.

Multiple Sources Support

If you cross-post and run multiple blogs, you'll know how much of a pain it is to keep on top of it all and stay organized. Running multiple blogs is hard enough as is, cross-posting shouldn't add to that problem!

That's why Crossable lets you source your blog posts from multiple sources and manage them all in one location so cross-posting can be effortless!


Crossable has three plans. Here are all the details so you can find the right one for you!



Our entry plan for those who want to try out Crossable.

Automatic cross-posting

Staggered cross-posting

1 Source

1 Cross-post/Month/Platform

1 Destination / Platform

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For the hobbyist blogger who wants to cross-post their work.

Automatic cross-posting

Staggered cross-posting

2 Sources

Unlimited Cross-posts

1 Destination / Platform

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For teams who want to cross-post mulitple blogs.

Automatic cross-posting

Staggered cross-posting

Unlimited Sources

Unlimited Cross-posts

Unlimited Destinations / Platform

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